Urban Settlements
Rural Settlements
Upload Polygons (GeoJson)
Unit of Analysis
The population can be estimated based on the count of buildings or the total area of buildings.

Changing the unit of analysis will modify the controls (above) for "Urban Settlements" and "Rural Settlements".

Size Thresholds for Buildings
You can choose to assume that no people live in the buildings with the smallest and/or largest building footprints.

Minimum building footprint area (sq m)
Maximum building footprint area (sq m)
Setting the maximum area to 10000 is equivalent to setting no limit (i.e. no large buildings will be removed).
Age-sex Selection
The gridded population estimates that you download will represent the population within the selected age-sex groups.

The on-screen table of results represents total populations and does not change with your age-sex selection.
The population totals that you provide (above) must represent total population rather than a specific age-sex group.

Do-It-Yourself Gridded Population Estimates

The "aggregate" tool will apply your estimates of people per building to every building and then aggregate buildings to estimate population size for each ~100 m grid cell using a high resolution map of building footprints1. See the "About" tab for details.

Move the sliders on the left panel to adjust settings2 and then click "Refresh Results" to calculate a summary of the population estimates that will appear in the table below.

When you are satisfied that the settings and the results are reasonable, click the "Gridded Population Estimates" button to download a 100 meter population grid (geotiff raster, WGS84) created using your settings.

Gridded Population Estimates

Settings Source Files

Do-It-Yourself Gridded Population Estimates

The "disaggregate" tool allows you to disaggregate your own population totals from administrative units (or other polygons) into gridded population estimates based on a high resolution map of building footprints1. See the "About" tab for details.

Provide a polygon shapefile (GeoJson format) that contains the total population for each polygon. Adjust other settings as needed using the control panel to the left.

Click the "Gridded Population Estimates" button and the peanutButter application will use a high resolution map of building footprints to disaggregate your population totals into a 100 m grid.

Gridded Population Estimates Source Files